Brazzers Releases Ivanka Drumpf and Dr. Ben Carsen Sex Scene

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Photo – Brazzers (ZZ Erection-Part 2)

Today, BRAZZERS announces the release of the second scene in its ZZ Erection series featuring none other than the parodied figures of Ivanka Trump and Dr. Ben Carson.

ZZ Erection-Part 2 takes place after Ivanka faints from shock at the Drumpf versus Clayton presidential debate (ZZ Erection-Part 1). Upon fainting she is brought backstage to receive immediate care from ex-Republican presidential nominee, Dr. Ben Carter. The scene features Nikki Benz as Ivanka Drumpf (reprising her 1999 dark hair look) and Isiah Maxwell as the enigmatic Dr. Ben Carter.

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Photo – Brazzers (ZZ Erection-Part 2)

ZZ Erection-Part 2 will be available on BRAZZERS as of July 7th for Republicans, Democrats, and anyone interested in finally watching Ivanka Drumpf’s sex scene with the Internet’s favorite doctor and ex-Republican presidential nominee.

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What do you think of ZZ Erection-Part 2? Let us know! In case you haven’t seen part 1 (Hillary vs. Donald) we’ve got you covered.

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