Vaginal Dryness: One Of the Most Common Female Sexual Health Problem


One of the most common sexual health problem  women face is vaginal dryness. This is a condition more prevalent in Frustrated women in bedpostmenopausal women with almost 50% to 60% of them  being affected by it, and now it is also increasingly being experienced by younger women. This problem is a very frustrating one  for women as the dryness and the associated pain during intercourse puts many of these women off sex and the subsequent loss of libido (loss of sexual desire) may even cause strong and long term relationships or marriages to strain.

Most women who suffer from this condition do so in silence as they are very embarrassed to discuss it with their doctor or their partner. Another reason for not seeking treatment for vaginal dryness is because of non awareness about the treatments available to relieve this problem.

Treatments for vaginal dryness range from over the counter vaginal moisturizers and other lubricants to low dose estrogen preparations. But before you take any type of treatment Always consult your doctor . Make sure you he/she has your detailed medical history and knows of any type of allergies you may suffer from, so that he/she can recommend the right type of medication.

Don’t let this problem lower the quality of your life, seek professional medical help and communicate with your partner without any reservations to overcome this condition and go back to enjoying your sex life.

Vaginal Dryness: One Of the Most Common Female Sexual Health Problem

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