The Spark of Sexual Attraction in a Healthy Relationship


Research shows that for most amorous relationship to exist and flourish, it is imperative that both the partners are sexually and physically attracted towards each other. Physical intimacy is the stage of natural progression of any couple in relationship, though it is suggested that physical closeness and intimacy should ideally be the result of emotional intimacy, it is also agreed upon that there no hard and fast rules to dictate the same.

Sexual attraction is undoubtedly a born natural instinct. It is an intrinsic reaction between a man and a woman. Attraction is a force that nature equipped us with to try to get intimate and closer with our partner.

There are numerous ways couples can experience and feel attraction and when it operates at the root level it is often referred to as the couple is possessing superb ‘chemistry’, laying emphasis mainly on the physical aspect of the relation.

Physical appearance and body language tend to become the key factors of attraction between the couple. Being sexually and physically attracted to your partner is a prerequisite for a healthy and strong relationship. One must possess that ignition, that connection, that pull and attraction that pulls you to the person like a magnetic pull. There has to be ‘that chemistry’ in the way your partner talks, appears, smiles or his/her body language that pushes you to crave to be with him/her all the time.

Studies show that most successful relationships definitely possess some chemistry and there are numerous instances amorous couple sitting on a beachwhere relationships came to an end because the important aspect of sexual attraction was ignored and neglected. Though it also sometimes happen that couples start their relationship with sexual attraction and then develop from there as they get to know each other better with the passage of time.

For most couples, a physical craving and desire takes place when they initially meet, for some others, the attraction evolves as the relationship grows fonder with time. Regardless of when it takes place, a mutual sexual appeal and attraction needs to develop eventually, otherwise the couple would be devoid of blissful levels of intimacy which is the supreme gift of nature to us. Hence sexual attraction is an essential aspect of a healthy relationship.

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The Spark of Sexual Attraction in a Healthy Relationship

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