Girlsway Crew – – Director – Stills by Alan – Cast – Lyra Law, Natalia Starr, Angela White, Kimmy Granger, Chloe Cherry, Riley Reid, Kristina Rose, Lana Rhoades, April O’Neil.

**** 4 Stars

Bree Mills really went all out and got a hell of an all star group of hot, sexy ladies together for this four vignette series. Just the names alone are enough to make you want to get this DVD and enjoy every minute of it. When you do, trust me you will because the story lines and performances are extremely well done by cast and crew. The eff0ort put into the production from every angle shows in each story that is presented.

There is a lot that takes place within these four different stories that provide a lot of drama, some humor and of course, some very steamy, passionate sex. To begin with there is a great three way scene with Riley, Cherry and Kristina. This set up revolves around shooting a scene and Kristina then takes notice of Cherry, the makeup girl, and Kristina’s partner, Riley getting chummy. Well Kristina isn’t happy about it and she lays down the law with both of them and before you know it we really find out who the boss is here. This turns into one very wild, intense, but passion filled encounter between these three. There is plenty of finger, tongue and mouth action taking place with these ladies and you can feel the intensity that grows between them.Kristina takes the lead most of the time, but Riley and Cherry really show what they can do and how they can really bring about some orgasmic explosive moments that they all like and enjoy. It is pure delight watching these three in all their glory really getting it on and reaching that orgasmic explosion of pure pleasure.

Then there is a really great scene with the awesome Aussie, Angela White. She has hired Kimmy Granger as her editor and all goes well until Angela catches Kimmy playing with herself on the job. Well, Angela can’t let that opportunity pass by so she shows her editor how it really goes and these two literally tear into each other in one very fierce, passionate play off female sexuality. It is very easy to see why Ms. White has been the recipient of so many awards. She has it all going for her with her looks, her body and her obvious love for lesbian themed sex that is passionate and powerful

The other two stories with Lyra and Natalia and April and Lana are just as explosive and filled with desire, passion and sexual hunger. This release is well put together with very sexy, feminine ladies who make these scenes special. Add in nice settings, nicely performed story lines. Fluid direction that allows for some nice character development in each vignette plus some very explosive sex and you have a winner that everyone, men, women and couples can enjoy and be entertained by. “Girlsway Crew” is definitely one to pick up.

Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN