Blindsided – Adam & Eve Pictures – Director – Skye Blue – Cast – Christianna Cinn, Carter Cruise, Sydney Cole, Skylar Snow, Ashley Adams, Derrick Ferrari, Adam Wilcoxxx, Lucas Frost, Van Wylde.

This is a dramatic, sexually charged film that will is an excellent couples view. The story revolves around Grace (Christianna Cinn), a devoted wife to her husband Frank (Derrick Ferrari). She thinks everything in their life is going just fine but the fact is everything has been just the opposite. Frank finally breaks down and admits to a long affair he has been having on the side. That’s it for grace, but her problems multiply when she leaves. She has no job, no real skills, no support of any kind. So what will happen to Grace? Will she take Frank back or will she persevere in her quest for a new life and new explorations? The answers may well be found in a girl named Sunny (Carter Cruise).

It opens with  an early morning sex session in bed between Frank and grace. These two really go at it in a variety of ways and Grace has no clue that this is a “farewell fuck”. Later at breakfast Frank comes right out And tells her that they are done that he has been having an affair for two years. Grace doesn’t want to believe it but frank says he will back over the weekend to get all his things and that they are done. Grace can’t understand why they are done and peromises to change her ways, but it’s too late.

She is down in the dumps and doesn’t even want to talk with longtime friend Ashley, who won’t give up. Finally she talks with her longtime friend but she is afraid. She has no real education, no job, no skills and not sure how she will make it. Ashley assures her that things will work out. Switch to Skylar Snow and her guy getting it on that is interrupted by a phone call, but she gets off the phone and goes right back to making things hot with the boyfriend on the sofa. Skylar is definitely a gal to keep an eye on in the future. Next up we see Grace applying for a job with Sunny and it quickly becomes obvious that Grace has no skills at all. Sunny, needs an assistant, so she decides to hire her anyway and train her. This will begin to change things for Grace in many ways.

Grace is all excited and after getting home Frank shows up to talk and Grace wants nothing to do with it and tells him to leave. Later that night Grace’s best friend Ashley and her boyfriend are in bed when he gets a call from Frank and there seems to be more going on here than suspected. Frank tells him he went to see Grace and Ashley’s boyfriend tells Frank to leave them out of it. So between whatever is the secret with Ashley, the situation with Frank and now Sunny entering the picture a certain amount of mystery surrounds things. So what happens next, what does Sunny do to change how Grace is, what does best friend Ashley do and other questions are to be answered. Then there is also the question of who the girl is that Frank has been having his long time affair with. I will leave all of that for you to discover in this very couples friendly sex drama with some surprise twists and turns.

There are plenty of hot sex scenes along with the story line that play off very well. The cast is very capable,  realistic and the girls look terrific. The cinematography is sharp and clean and offers up some great visuals of everything that is taking in and out of the bedroom. Ms. Blue has fashioned a nice production that should have a lot of appeal to couples looking for some good adult entertainment. I definitely recommend getting “Blindsided” from Adam & Eve Pictures.

Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN