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Stefanie occurs when waters are troubled, crack rocks and trees bloom. She may be, do, Communing with nature. Stefanie Spleiss is an German adult model. She was Playmate of the Month in June 2009 for the German edition of Playboy.

Biography About Stefanie Spleiss

Dimensions: 85-62-90
Birthday: 01.03.1984
Size: 174cm
Weight: 52kg

What She like: sleep, good behavior, relax in the sauna and champagne
What Stefanie Spleiss do not like: bad mood, Machos, prejudices, horror movies and Body
Leisure: Sport calls, learning languages, going out and rest
Stefanie Spleiss’s biggest dream: When I’m old, I want to say that I did everything right
Stefanie Spleiss’s future plans in ten years: Stefanie Spleiss would have achieved something professionally and establish Never Met a family.

Playmate Miss June Stefanie Spleiss Playboy Magazine Images

A Sweet Date With Sexy Playmate Stefanie Spleiss.

Want to know about her, Then read down what Stefanie Spleiss talk with media about her life.


I was born on 01 March 1984 in Tettnang on Lake Constance. In my family there was already a child, that was my sister Simone, who is three years older than me. When I was two years old, we moved to a small village in our own house. There I lived up to my 21 years. Since my parents had to work a lot, I was as a kid a lot with my grandparents, where I got taught by my Omis everything important about cooking and baking. The time with them I enjoyed very much, and I remember like it. Since my parents are avid sailors, we spent the most days off together on our sailing ship on Lake Constance, since the time lacked the week for joint activities. As Teeny there was of course no weekend when I did not go to parties with my girlfriends. Through my very tolerant parents I had a great youth and could try a lot and make my own experiences.

I went to school with 16 I started training as a bank clerk. Since I am very determined, I was right after my training a job as a branch manager of a bank branch offered, which I am very challenged. The job was a lot of fun, but I wanted some time longer, so I quit my job and moved to Kassel. There, now I live for 4 years, I live with my boyfriend in a great house in the country and work as Head of Administration. In this company, I am responsible among other things for staff development, which makes me very great pleasure. My wish for the future, professionally develop me and still go a few steps of the career ladder. I can well imagine, then to found later a family, but currently is my professional development in the first place in my life.


Different than expected! I remember clearly the day, when the phone rang and the editor Corinna told me that I, “if I want” can in January to shoot to Mauritius. That was exactly nine months after my casting and I thought no longer need to consider to become Playmate.

Corinna and I then met at Frankfurt Airport rose together in the plane to Mauritius. From there the adventure began!

When we arrived in Mauritius after 12 hours of flight, I was taken lovingly by the team in reception and I was pleased from the first moment to working with them and could not wait until last was the first day of shooting.

In Mauritius, it was totally hot and we did not want to take pictures in the blazing sun, the days were for us at four o’clock in the morning going. First Penelope made her job and rouged me, then Patrick was responsible for my hair. The venues that had chosen the photographer and the editor were amazing and Roman had to always matching accessories, which made the photos even more attractive.

The model requires much perseverance, because sometimes I had a pose hold until the perfect photo is Originated several minutes. Also, some poses are physically much more demanding than expected. Unfortunately, injuries were inevitable, but the scars on my body remember today always a wonderful time.

In retrospect, I can say that it was the experience of my life and I am overjoyed to have such experienced something great. The entire team is so very dear to me in the short time to the heart that I say goodbye after seven days like extremely heavy and also flowed a few tears. I never thought that a Playmate shoot is so consuming. Thanks to everyone that I was able to experience something great with you!


Since me the appearance of the partner is personally important, I have a clear idea of my dream man.

The man of my dreams should be handsome, tall and blond. He has an athletic and toned body, but only slightly defined muscles. He manages to me always put a smile on your face and we have lots of fun together, because it just as happy as I rumalbert.

Of course, we must intellectually be our attitude and our expectations on the same wavelength, or I’m not happy with the nicest man …

I do not like when men are jealous and me to restrict it thereby. It must never come so far that you can not do something “just” the partner to love.

My dream man is a little cavalier and treated me like his princess. Although he has quirks that make me crazy, but this is exactly what makes our relationship interesting. If I have the feeling of being “at home”, then I know that ER ES is.

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