Kailin by Wayne McKenzieBased in Miami, FL, the talented…


Kailin by Wayne McKenzie

Based in Miami, FL, the talented photographer Wayne McKenzie, presents us this sexy outdoors set starred by beautiful model Kailin Brousseau (instagram.com/kailin.b), enjoy!

“I met up with Kailin for a sunrise shoot to get some nice golden light and avoid the frequent rain we’ve been having the past few afternoons in Miami. As soon as I arrived signs weren’t looking good. There were dark clouds and rolling thunder, I felt like the shoot wasn’t going to happen. We shot for a bit and about 20 minutes in the rain came down heavy. We hopped in Kailin’s car and contemplated heading home but ultimately decided to head in the opposite direction of the storm in hopes we could outrun it. We were lucky enough to escape the rain and come upon an empty beach and even though we didn’t get the glorious morning light I felt like these shots were supposed to happen.”

Know more about Wayne at instagram.com/mckenziewayne

Swimwear: Dbrie instagram.com/dbrie

17 of July, 2018

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Kailin by Wayne McKenzieBased in Miami, FL, the talented…

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