Timing is Everything – Wicked Pictures – Director – Stormy Daniels – Cast – Rachel Starr, Alana Cruise, Alexa Grace, Melissa Moore, Michael Vegas, Ryan Driller, Tyler Knight.

This is an original love story for the Wicked Passions line and comes from the very creative writing and directing mind of Stormy Daniels. This film tells the story of two very good friends who are afraid to let their real feelings be known to each other. But an unfortunate incident that takes place could change all that. Once again Ms. Daniels has written a story that will hold your interest, has it’s twists and turns and is very realistic. Add in some blazing sex scenes, great settings along with the solid casting that Ms. Daniels always puts together and you have a very worthy couples friendly feature to be entertained by.

The main characters here are Marissa (Rachel Starr) and Kevin (Michael Vegas). It is obvious right from the start that these two are best friends and get along together. So much so, that their friends would love to see them as a couple. Marissa’s friends try to convince her that they should be together as a couple. Kevin hears the same thing but there is a problem. They work together at the same company and they don’t want to let their friendship become something more and ruin everything they have. Besides the fact they are both dating other people, so just being good friends ion the workplace is good enough, or is it?

Then a life changing incident happens when Marissa is robbed and attacked, but Kevin happens to show up and gets into it with her attacker. Of course he gets hurt in the process of coming to her rescue. Now Marissa feels responsible for what happened and has to do some soul searching. Kevin doesn’t hide his feelings and lets her know how much he cares for her and wants to be with her. So decisions have to be made before these two can decide whether they belong together or not. How does it all turn out for these two? We’ll let you find out in this nicely done story of love, passion and timing that has a couple of twists and turns along the way.

As always Ms. Daniels direction is spot on, the casting is super, the delivery of the dialogue is realistic and played well and the settings all add into the visual arts of this film. There are five sex scenes that take place and all of them lend to the overall story with a lot of steam, sizzle and pop. This is another good couples friendly film to be entertained by. I certainly recommend “Timing is Everything” from the Wicked Passions line, our “Friday 4 Star Feature”.

Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN