Alex Rissi interviewAn interview with the beautiful Florida…


Alex Rissi interview

An interview with the beautiful Florida based model, Alex Rissi and this sexy selection of her work, enjoy!
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How would you describe yourself in a few words?
Rough around the edges but soft on the inside

How long have you been a model?
2 years going on 3

How did you get into modelling?
It’s always something that I’ve wanted, and I just met the right people at the right time and I decided to not turn back.

How was your first shooting? Tell us a bit about that first experience.
The first shoot I ever did was a pinup shoot! I had always had a good idea about what to do so it went really well, the photographer gave really good direction and we communicated accordingly throughout the whole two hours and I had so much content when it was over I wasn’t even sure what to do with it all.

What does modelling mean to you?
Modeling is the way I get to express myself emotionally and creatively. It helps take my brain off the day to day anxiety I deal with and just get to let loose for a bit, it’s extremely refreshing.

A model you particularly admire?
That would have to be Tiffany Helms, her creativity and uniqueness are key and she always brings it.

If you could choose, where would you like to shoot?
Ah this is the most difficult question ever because it depends on the shoot, but my favorite place to shoot is in my own home because I feel it shows the real me and gets to give everyone a little bit of knowledge about who I am.

What is your dressing style in everyday life?
Typically, all black everything

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
In something that travels so I wouldn’t have to stay in one place 🙂

What is happiness?
Finding comfort in the little things

Where can we find you on a Friday night?
Depends on the weekend 😉

What’s your next goal?
The next goal I am working to achieve is walking some awesome articles of clothing down a runway.

Header, 1 to 6: by Sergio Surge Vasquez
7 & 8: Selfportraits

8 of January, 2018

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Alex Rissi interviewAn interview with the beautiful Florida…

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